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How to open the SWF file on Mac?

What is the SWF file?

SWF stands for “Small Web Format” file. It is an Adobe File Format mostly used for multimedia, vector graphics, and Action Script. SWF file format is originated with the FutureWave Software and then transferred to the Macromedia, later come under Adobe’s control. SWF files include animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function. Sometimes they also occur in programs, commonly in-browser games, using ActionScript. Programmers can generate the SWF files within several Adobe products, including Flash, Flash Builder, Adobe Animate, After Effects, and MXMLC, a command-line application compiler forming part of the freely available Flex SDK. 

                                         SWF was most pronounced as “swift” it was originally an acronym for “Shockwave Flash” as the SWF file format was mainly designed for Shockwave Player. And therefore, SWF files had become a standard means of publishing Flash content on the web. The acronym has modified to mean the Small Web Format. As SWF files consist of compiled ActionScript and compressed media, they are not meant for editing. To change the Flash animation, it is highly recommended to edit the original .FLA file instead of the SWF file.

Three Best SWF File Players For Mac

To open SWF files on Mac without the Plugins, you need some professional software to open the file or convert to MP4 or any other Mac supported file format. 

  1. Elmedia Player

Elmedia is a free Player, swift and smart SWF player for Mac OS X. it has various handy options and controls that ensure the top grade usability for playing and managing the Flash movies.

                     With Elmedia Player, you can not just watch the SWF or FLV files but other videos also. It also makes the customization of various video settings. 

Features of Elmedia Player

  • Elmedia Player has a built-in browser, and it also permits you to browse for flash movies.
  • It also provides supports a lot of video formats and opens them efficiently.

2. SWF Movie Player

SWF movie player is a free player for MAC. It permits you to open, play, rewind, fast forward, and preview SWF files frame by frame. With this particular player’s help, you can also create and manage the playlists, zoom movies in and out, control Flash security, check SWF comprehensive information, and a lot more.

Features of SWF Movie Player

  • It permits you to have complete playback control during videos are playing.
  • It also permits you to take snapshots.

3. Jihosoft SWF Converter for Mac

The Jihosoft converter can also convert the SWF files to almost all the standard video formats such as AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, etc. what you require is to import SWF files into the program and then select an output format. Within a few minutes, you will get the converted files. 

Features of Jihosoft SWF converter

  • Both local and online SWF files can be imported.
  • It provides video editing and other advanced functions also.

How to open SWF files on Mac

With Adobe Flash Player

This can be done by the already installed Safari browser on Mac that can easily open SWF files on Mac:

Step 1: Open the Safari browser in your system and then go to the Preferences option.

Step 2: tap the tab that reads the Websites and Scroll down to find Plug-ins.

Step 3: tap the checkbox beside it to enable the Adobe Flash Player On Safari.

And the Adobe Flash Player will now open your SWF file.

With VLC Media Player

VIC Media Player can open and view the SWF files that are very simple, and to do this, you  have to follow these steps first:

  • Download the VLC Player on the Mac for free.
  • Then open your VLC Media Player.
  • Lastly, Drag and drop the SWF file into the VLC Media Player or to the dock icon to play the SWF file on Mac.

With Web Browsers

To view the SWF file in a Web Browser, you must have installed the Adobe Flash Plugin in a web browser, making it possible the first download it if it is not already there in your system. Then you can easily view the SWF files anytime by dragging and dropping the SWF file directly into the web browser.

Other ways

  • Some of the other ways are also there to view and play the SWF file os Mac-like:
  • By using Flash Player Debugger downloads from Adobe.
  • By using the free version of Elmedia Player to view the SWF file.

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