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What is a PSD file and how to open it?

PSD stands for “Photoshop Document”. PSD File is a Photoshop design file that is mainly created in Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is a professional image editing program that is used to enhance digital photos and create wave graphics. It is a format that is used to save files in photoshop.

PSD files consist of adjustment layers, image layers, file information, layer marks, annotations, keywords, and photoshop specific elements. PSD files are generally used as templates that can be converted into printable formats like PNG or JPG. PNG or JPG is the image format that is mostly used by graphic designers, producers, and other users for editing purposes. PSD files are capable of containing image data of 30,000 pixels as height and width. The maximum size of a PSD file can be 2 Giga-Bytes.

How to open a PSD File?

We can open a PSD file by following different ways:–

  1. Open PSD File by using Adobe Photoshop – It is the best way to open a PSD file. Adobe Photoshop is the most obvious choice, which can be used to open the file naturally and use all of its components, such as the layers, filters, etc. without any problem.
  2. By using GIMP – There are some other image editors that can be used to open PSD files by flattening any layers and filters to create a single image. GIMP is one of them. It is a free and open-source graphics editing tool.
  3. By using Google Drive – Google Drive is a simple and effective way to open a PSD file without installing another app. First, save the PSD file in your Google Drive storage, and whenever you want to open your PSD file just double click on the PSD file in the Google Drive Web app and you can also edit your PSD file in it.

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