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What is an HDR file and how to open it?

What is an HDR file?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. An HDR file is a raster image file or a digital photo that has been saved in the HDR image format. HDR files are used for enhancing the brightness range and the color of a digital photo or image using a compatible software program. HDR images mostly created by capturing and combining different narrower ranges. HDR files can be processed to fix dark shadow areas of a picture. HDR files use an internal scheme that is defined by the particular file format. To create a single image with an evenly distributed range of color, HDR software can mix many photos with different exposures.

What is HDR Image?

An HDR image is an image of high depth that contains information About the color and brightness across a very wide dynamic range. An HDR image is an ephemeral thing. The main two components of high dynamic range photography are HDR Images and HDR Files. HDR images can display the largest range of pixel values. HDR images can be created by using special image sensors, or via computer rendering.

How to open an HDR File?

To open an HDR file follow the following steps-

Step 1 – Firstly you have to install the specific software or program related to the HDR file.

Step 2 – Now double click on the HDR file after that the associated program will be launched to open the selected HDR file.

Step 3 – When you want to open HDR files on windows, right-click on the HDR file and select the “Open with” option and “choose default program”.

Step 4 – Now you can choose a program to open an HDR file. If you want to always open an HDR file with the program then select the option “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”.

Step 5- When you want to open an HDR file on Mac first get info about any HDR file we can do this by right-clicking or command 1st now click on “open with” to select a program to open your HDR file.

Softwares that are used to open HDR files –

  • APOLLO HDRU developed by windows software
  • ArcInfo BINARY developed by ESRI ( Environmental Systems Research Institute INC. )
  • ArcView HEADER FILE developed by ESRI
  • PHOTOSHOP developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated
  • EGRET DATA FILE developed by PC Software Company
  • InstallShield SETUP HEADER developed by Acresso Software INC.
  • MICRO SIM PC BOARD HOLE DRILL SCHEDULE REPORT developed by Microsoft Developer
  • PC FILE+ DATABASE HEADER developed by Windows Programmer
  • RADIANCE HDR GRAPHICS DATA developed by Windows Programmer.

How to convert HDR to JPEG

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is one of the most popular graphic forms. It is used for storing still and similar images.

Step 1 – First Upload the HDR file. To upload the file select file from Computer, Google Drive, or by dragging it on the page.

Step 2 – Now choose JPEG or any other format which you need.

Step 3 – After that let the file convert and you can download your JPEG file right afterward. Hence you can convert your HDR file to JPEG.

USES of HDR Files:

  • HDR files are used for enhancing the color and brightness range of a digital photo.
  • HDR can produce wonderfully crisp images.
  • HDR provides more detail and a richer look to the image.
  • HDR images have a more dynamic range compare to ordinary images.

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