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How To Fix Issue When Icons Are Missing In Windows 10

Windows 10 was launched with a major change in the UI over time. This version of windows has eliminated the number of GUI bugs present in Windows 8, especially the Start Menu, which was majorly requested by most users. Some of the users have experienced a problem that Desktop Icons are missing in Windows 10. so to fix that issue of the users, we have described some methods. But before fixing the problems, let us first find the reasons behind this problem and let us see that.

Reason Behind The Missing Of Desktop Icons In Windows 10

The majority of people consider it as a bug inside Windows 10, but it is not. This can happen accidentally, and you may have changed some settings unknowingly.

Windows 10 has two types of Models built-in for the users’ facilitation, which means Desktop and Tablet. Somehow, you might have turned on the Tablet Mode leading towards the disappearing of the Desktop icons.

Methods To Fix The problem of “Desktop Icons are Missing in Windows 10.”

Several solutions are available there, based on the type of issues you are experiencing with your Desktop Icons. But before trying out these solutions, first, download and run Restore to scan for corrupt files. If the files are found to be corrupt and missing, then repair them and then see if the icons are now back on the Desktop or not. If not, then you should proceed with the manual methods, which are as follows:

1. Check The Visibility Of The Desktop Icons

  • if all the Desktop icons are missing, you must have triggered the option to hide the desktop icons. So to resolve this problem, you can turn on this option to get back your Desktop Icons. follow these steps to perform this activity:
  • firstly, Right-click inside the space on your Desktop and then browse to the top’s View button.
  • Then inside the view button, check the Show Desktop Icons at the bottom. Maybe it might be unmarked. To mark it as checked by tapping over it.

2. Turn ON the Visibility of Desktop Icons

  • the second method says that if your default desktop icons are missing, then you can make them visible by enabling them inside the Settings.
  • Please search for the Settings Window by using Cortana and then Open it from the search results.
  •  Inside the settings tab, click on the Personalization. from the next window, select the Themes button from the left pane.
  • On the Themes button’s right pane, click on the Desktop Icons Settings to open the settings to turn on the Desktop Icon Visibility.
  • Now select the icons that you wanted to show on the Desktop and click on the “Apply and OK” buttons afterward.

3. Turn Off The Tablet Mode

  • As tablet mode is combined inside the Windows 10 to have a better touch experience for the Windows Tablet users, you might have accidentally turned on that mode, resulting in the icons’ disappearing.
  • Open the Setting button and then click on the System to open the system settings. On the left pane, tap the Tablet Mode and Turn Off the tablet mode from the right pane.
  • Now close the settings window and then check if your Desktop Icons are Visible or not.

4. Initiating The SFC Scan

  • SFC scan checks the whole computer for bad drivers or corrupted files and automatically fixes the issues. Therefore, in this step, we will initiate an SFC scan.
  • Hit the Windows + R Keys altogether to open the RUN prompt.
  • Type the “cmd” and press the Shift, ctrl, and Enter keys altogether. Then type the cmd in the Run prompt and then pressing the Shift, Alt, and Enter together to open the elevated command prompt.
  • Tap the “Yes” command in the prompt to provide the administrative privileges.
  • Type in SFC and press the “Enter” button.

5.Recovering The Icons From OneDrive

firstly launch the OneDrive and then look for a folder named “Desktop” Desktop folder OneDrive.

Then open the folder and then copy all the Icons present Inside it.

Then finally, paste these icons on your Desktop.

6. By Using a Workaround

a user discovered the situation of a workaround. Generally, here in this situation, you Auto Arrange Icons function on the Desktop, and the icons are returned.

  • Do the right-click anywhere on the Desktop
  • tap the View button and then select the Auto Arrange Icons option.
  • Check to watch if the problem has been fixed or not.

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