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How to open SWF files on Android?

What is the SWF file?

               SWF was pronounced as “swift” it was originally a short form of “Shockwave Flash” as the SWF file format was particularly designed for Shockwave Player. And therefore, SWF files became a standard means of publishing Flash content on the web; the acronym has been modified to mean the Small Web Format as SWF files include compiled ActionScript and compressed media not meant for the editing purpose. For changing the Flash animation, it is highly recommended to edit the original .FLA file instead of the SWF file.

                       Adobe Illustrator can generate the SWF file format through its “Export” function. It can not play or edit the files. SWF files were mostly used to bring animated graphics and videos. They also became a popular means of delivering browser-based games. However, as web technologies got improved. Adobe illustrator and many other web browser developers announced that they were officially supporting Flash after 2020.

What is the SWF file format?

SWF is represented as a short form of Small Web Format. It is the adobe flash file format with the file extension .swf. It is an extension for the Shockwave flash file owned by Adobe; it is used to deliver the video, games, animation or sound, etc. SWF files or videos can be opened in any browser that supports adobe flash player plugins. Recently we came to know that Flash is known as the source of Attack for hackers and viruses, and therefore it has been abandoned by most browsers.

Tips to open SWF File on Android

  • SWF player
  • Adobe AIR
  • SWF files

How to open SWF and Flash files on Android

  1. Download and install any of the two apps given above on your Android phone.
  2. Open the SWF Player app and then click on the Local Files.
  3. Navigate the SWF file that you want to play on Android. It will have an SWF icon on it.
  4. Click on the file to open it.
  5. While the file is opening, click on the back button on your Android to open the player app’s on-screen controls.
  6. The app also has a keyboard or D-pad option to also open flash games in this application.

Five easy steps to open the SWF file directly in the SWF file player

On Android, an SWF file can be viewed on SWF Player that can come in handy. What are the steps to open the SWF file with the SWF player listed here:

  • then Install the SWF Player on your android device.
  • Start the application and then tap on the local files.
  • Navigate the file that you wish to open and select it.
  • Click on the file to open it.
  • Click on the back button at the time when the file is playing to open its on-screen controls.

How to open the SWF file on Windows 10 device.

Open the SWF file by using SWF File Player.

  • Download the SWF file player on your windows device.
  • Install and then run the application.
  • Open the already downloaded SWF files in the SWF file Player.
  • Or you can also first open the SWF file player and then browse the File option at the top, click it and then open the SWF file that is saved in your Windows 10 device. 
  • After choosing the file from the file explorer, just tap on the Play option.

Open SWF files by using the official Flash Player Projector Content Debugger from Adobe.

Now there is no need for third-party applications to install. You can use the official Adobe Flash Player to play and open the SWF file format on your Windows device.

Download Adobe Flash Player Debugger

Install the application and then run the program

Now open the SWF file by giving the location, or you can also enter the web path to open the SWF file online.

Use the VLC media player to play and open the SWF files in offline mode. 

  • Install the VLC media player and start enjoying your games or any other animations available in the AWF file format.
  • Now to play the SWF file in an online mode to play the file in any browser, we should use the SWF plugin.

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