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How to convert SWF file

What is the SWF file?

SWF file extension stands for the “Small Web Format” file. It is an Adobe Flash File mainly designed for multimedia, vector graphics, and Action Script. SWF file format is originated with the FutureWave Software, and then it is transferred to Macromedia, later come under Adobe’s control. These files include animations or applets of varying degrees of interactivity and function. Sometimes they also occur in the programs, generally in the browser games, by using ActionScript. Programmers will generate the SWF files within several Adobe products, consisting of Flash, Flash Builder, Adobe Animate, MXMLC, and After Effects,  a command-line application compiler forming part of the freely available Flex SDK. 

What is SWF file extension?

you must have surely heard about the Shockwave Flash file format. SWF is a type of file extension for that these files only. Shockwave Flash files are created by Macromedia and now owned by Adobe. These files include video and vector-based animations and sound also. They are mainly designed for efficient and optimum delivery over the world wide web. You can easily open SWF files in the web browser by using the Flash plugin.

Top 6 Best SWF Video Converter to convert the SWF file to MP4.

It is a large and reliable conversion website, online convert handles for various file conversion services, and it is not limited to video conversion. Online and Windows support it.


  • Vast choices of formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, and FLV.
  • Comprehensive integration function, as it even supports the PowerPoint files.
  • Customizable video settings such as frame per second rate, bit rate, and resolution settings as well.

DVD Video Soft SWF Converter

It is a free-for-all application that is meant for private, business, and educational uses. The Windows also support it


  • It covers rare formats such as DivX and AVI for Shockwave Flash Files.
  • It is a licensed use despite being free for life.
  • Simple and easy layout design.

Xilisoft SWF video converter

It is a truly complete software that is perfect for home purposes. This application is worth every dollar.  Windows support it.


  • Compatible with the many video formats such as MKV, AVC, RM, and even MOV.
  • It can even convert the audio files into SWF files.
  • Attachable to HTML pages for online streaming.

File Zig Zag

It is an online conversion tool that covers more than just the basics; this converter can distinguish specifically between the audio and video formats and has a wide variety of container formats to select from.  It is supported by the Online, Mac, and Windows too.


  • Large selection of video and audio formats.
  • Other file types such as documents and PDF
  • File Storage service.

AST SWF Converter

It is a powerful conversion tool that is designed for the Mac OS. It is used to convert files in high quality and at a very high speed. This one of the best functions is its compatibility with mobile devices and other popular applications. It is supported on the Mac and Windows as well.


  • Conversion to common video formats
  • Conversion to HD videos such as HD MOV, HD MPEG-4, and HD AVI.
  • Other applications such as iTunes, Movie Maker, QuickTime, and many more.

Moyea SWF to MP4 Converter

This software is used to convert the Shockwave Flash files stored locally on the computer or stored online through a URL. The managed video can be watched and edited by the built-in-player, making this application truly one of a kind. This converter is supported only on the Windows platform.


  • it Converts SWF files to video and audio formats such as XVID, MPEG, and even game console formats such as Xbox 360
  • Compatible with the other mobile devices.
  • Professional layout and video editing functions.

How to convert SWF file?

 If you need to convert your SWF file into other file formats such as MOV, HTML5, MP4, MP3, or AVI, you can simply use any video file converters.  An SWF file converter will help you to convert the file into a PNG or GIF file. Some of the applications, such as Adobe Animate, will convert it into an EXE file format that simplifies running them without the Adobe Flash Player.

Steps for Converting SWF to MP4 or MOV

  • firstly, Download and then install the After effects
  • . Next, Open the application and then import the file by going to the File Menu and then choose the import button, then go to the import file tab and pick up the SWF file that you want to open.
  • Then add your file to the render queue either by dragging or going to the compositions and adding to the queue.
  • Set the settings in the output module and set the settings in the output you want the file to reach.   

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